life by lb

About the LBs

In an effort to go forward with this life truthfully, with compassion and a sincere desire to make an impact with kids or parents who need it most.

This is Life by LB.

Aimee and Juan met while working together at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos on Blake Street in Denver. Neither of us could speak the other’s language but we fell in love anyway. Through numerous immigration battles, we finally opted to stay united and relocate to Tijuana where we have been happily resigned since 2004.

The Lorenzo Brothers (aka LBs) were brought into this life as of 2004, 2006 and 2008 and our family life thus was born. Not only are we a bi-cultural family consisting of Denver, Colorado and Michoacan, Mexico cultures, we now live in Tijuana, Mexico which is another planet in of itself. 

This is our daily and sometimes weekly or monthly journal.

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