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Falling Upstairs

I just fell up the stairs, have you ever done that? Don't lie.

Spoiler alert - I do it all the time.

Wuppertal, Germany - Holsteiner Stairs
Not at all unlike me to fall upstairs. This time was special though because I was carrying my beloved MacBook which I use at least 30-40 hours each week and has become an extension of my left arm.

I was wearing these super cheap $2 flip flops today which really make Old Navy flip flops look premium.

Seriously, sometimes they stick to the floor purely out of suction because whatever material or foam they are made of gets compressed exactly at the right moment when part of it captures air and suctions itself to the floor. This makes me look super graceful as I almost fall while trying to recover my stance.

But that wasn't why I fell.

These particular shoe are so flexible and pliable, that they actually get folded underneath my toes if I drag my feet just the right way. The tip part of the sandal actually folds itself under so that it feels like I'm stepping on a really old and dried out hot dog bun.

I'm sure you've stepped on one of those before no?

Well this time the sole actually folded under me as I was walking up the stairs with my laptop on the left and a glass of water on my right.

And then I fell.

Water was thrown all over the floor, I landed on my knees and elbows and the laptop dropped about five inches and hit the tile stairs.

Not a horrible drop for the laptop really, I think it's okay.

I was more upset about having to clean up the water I spilled all over the floor (if you call throwing a towel on top of it all night until both the towel and the water are dry before I have time to pick it up again, cleaning).

I'm extremely thankful that my laptop is okay, since it's really the breadwinner of the family.

I'm also thankful that I was carrying a plastic cup instead of glass because that could've hurt. My toes didn't get too scraped up and my knees didn't suffer a ridiculous fall, and they could have. I think my intermittent yoga practice conditioned my muscles to handle the fall better (thank you YBC).

The thing that stands out the most about my fall though, even more than the amount of noise I make when I fall up the stairs, is that Juan asked me if I was okay.

That is not the weird part, he would always do that.

But the fact that he asked me in this order:

1. "Are you okay?"

2. "Is the computer okay?"

Is impressive. He asked if I was okay first, before the electronic device. This is a huge deal for the man who doubles as my IT support and hardware technician. He loves ME more than my hard-working laptop.

Many will say "of course!", but sometimes... a marriage has days and weeks that are so challenging, it could easily have been the other way around.

But today -- -- today was a good day.

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