life by lb

Deep Purple

Warm, breezy summer night on a Colorado hillside.

Deep under the stars.

A far-off campfire burns...soft glow converses with the dark sky, slowly falling down all around the rocks and scrub oak. 

Unmet acquaintances, new friends.

The wiff of a trendy cologne, the fragrant fresh-and-clean skin smell, straight after a shower.

A strong, quiet crush surrounds every energy, his name for weeks under every breathe, every thought.

The thick cloud of smoke drifts away and I come to understand, we must remain perfect strangers. Some of us were not meant to be.

Another beer and I wander. A smile, a word.

A flirtatious opening line, name unknown.

He's no stranger once we kiss, and he reaches deep for that invisible line that all boys would lie for.

A kiss can break a thousand patterns, a million thoughts and let loose every sense like a flash.

A moment to get lost in, every single hair standing on edge.

Time stops and floats easily away. I lose myself briefly, maybe a few days of dreaming and drifting and swimming through the air.

How quickly the lows and longing return. But the moment...the boy, that kiss.

The high is quite temporary in the longest stretches of life, but the fragments...all pulled together into a single memory, will remain forever.

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