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Savory Tijuana Tostilocos


Tostilocos Tijuana

Tijuana's favorite street snack is the most dangerous thing to your brand-new white shirt. But don't be scared, every bite is worth it.

We are happy to report a new tostilocos buffet in Playas! It's a rather small neighborhood community if you are not familiar, so any new stores, coffee shops or snack shacks are celebrated at our house.

At Haz Tu Loko, you can make your own Tostilocos the way you love, with or without pickled pig rinds.

I'll eat the pig rinds if the kids encourage me to try it, but I won't willingly seek it out (yet). Don't let me stop you from trying should try everything 10 times if you want to expand your palette. 

Give me some mango, mixed with fresh coconut chunks on top of any loco I can happily browse their buffet style condiments to choose whatever ingredients are calling me that day.

Suck some down today and celebrate the Mexican day of Independence LB style with some fireworks and tostilocos!

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