life by lb

Sun Have Mercy

Breeze like soft, cool kisses

Kissing the sweaty dew across my arms, over my shoulders, behind my neck --

Greenhammock | DeviantArt
I sweat and my left side burns.

The western sun has no mercy on me,

and the wispy clouds only tease a chance of rain.

My left arm pleads and begs to slather it with sunscreen while I wait,

for the sappy,


snail-like slithering, border crawl to move --

just a little.

Have mercy on my pathetic arm, withering away,

drying out like those crazy raisins in the sun.

Ten minutes and oh!

a breeze!

a breeze!

ahhhhh breeeeeeeee   eeeeeeee  eeeeeee  zzzzzze

My face lights up and releases a thousand sighs

and then it disappears.

Faster than the motorbikes skipping to the front of the line.

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