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Taking out the Trash

One thing I love about Tijuana is our trash system. Kind of a funny thing to appreciate but hear me out.

On Sunday night, we stack all our trash on the corner. We make sure plastic bags are secure and safe from dogs and then we pile any bigger items on top or next to the trash can.

Overnight, like magic ninjas, various people go quietly through the neighborhoods and start salvaging items of value. Instead of making a trip to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army, we are able to give things away without an extra effort on our part.

We don't bother sorting recyclable materials, the trash guys don't care. Rest assured though anything of value is being filtered by the locals that live near the trash landfills and all of the excessive packaging will be thoroughly sifted through eventually. The Mexico system is actually much more efficient than ours in the U.S.

Artist: Makatron - Australia
Stuff disappears quickly around here.

I have these huge banana plants in my front garden. Did I say plants? I meant overgrown, completely invasive weeds.

They grow like crazy with little attention and I've tried to remove them twice but they just won't cooperate. I dug up some of the smaller plants and put them on our side patio next to the street, hoping someone would give them a good home.

Less than an hour and -- gone.

A neighbor friend came over on his bike to help us out around the house and I closed the garage door, not realizing he had a bicycle parked outside.

Before the garage door closed, someone walked by and started pushing the bike down the street, thinking it was a giveaway. Our friend had to chase them down to explain the misunderstanding and get his bike back.

If it's on the sidewalk, it's up for grabs. Tie it down or give it away. No gray area there.

My husband had planned to keep our dried up Christmas tree this last January. He stripped down all the needles and decided to dig a hole on the side patio, plant it and keep it there as a joke.

We were going to save it all year and then when Christmas 2015 came around, he would paint it and create a modern decor thing to hang on the wall.

The first day, we found an old sock on it that someone kindly placed while walking to or from the beach. We thought wouldn't it be funny if we started a sock tree for to amuse all the locals who meander by on their way to the beach.

The second day it was gone.

You know how hard it is to find someone to take an old Christmas Tree? Like pulling teeth for some apparently.

When Monday morning comes, if you don't have your trash out, you'll be conveniently reminded by the local trash pickup service.

At 7:00 am it starts rolling around the neighborhood and every 15 seconds blares the would-be-illegally-loud-in-the-US-horn to remind everyone it's trash day. Make sure to set your alarm prior to 7:00 am because you will not sleep through it.

Trust me that without this service, we would have forgotten about our trash several times, so I am the first to be thankful.

Remind yourself it's a courtesy if you have the luxury of sleeping past 7:00 on a weekday. And then, let me know which cushy job you have so I can get my resume ready.

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