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Favorite Mocha

My favorite, favorite mocha mix is made at a local D'Volada coffee shop in Playas, and even beats a nice mint mocha at the Starbucks goliath.

Loved the handwritten slant and smiley the most - 
and they got so close to the actual spelling (at a Mexico City Starbucks no less - 
which is by the way, no where close to France)

My love of this particular coffee drink, should clue you in immediately that I am not a coffee aficionado like the lovely local writer and amateur photographer in Tijuana.

The thing I most appreciate is the sugar, coupled with a smooth chocolate, coffee and cinnamon flavor. And for whatever reason, this Mexican mocha does it for me and keeps me coming back, more than any other coffee joint in Playas.

Let me help you find it:

  • Go to Google Maps
  • Copy and paste this code into the search bar: 32.527418, -117.117120
  • Click Enter or the Search Icon

If you click on directions, you can enter the address or zip code where you are driving from.

The best way to search for directions when driving from the U.S. is to use zip code 92173, which is the southern most zip code closest to the border. You can really use any zip code you are familiar with but this one will start you at the border.

Back to mochas. I'm not an espresso sommelier, although my palette has quite improved the last year when I started drinking coffee daily, instead of monthly. I am starting to build a taste enough to know that I do not like OXXO coffee as my fix anymore so I guess that's progress.

I don't drink it for the caffeine and always make decaf at the house. Did I already say, I drink it for the sugar? I watched my dad go through withdrawal for caffeine addiction and I decided never to give myself the reason to be addicted. It's just another drug that I don't need to be trapped by. Nicotine was enough.

And now, I'm finding out through months of slowly increasing consumption, that sugar is just as addictive as caffeine minus the headache withdrawals. So in an effort to start enjoying coffee without the richly decadent and sweetly saccharin goodness, I'm weaning myself off of sugar as well.

( sigh )

Is cheese the next to go?

Call me crazy (or controlling) but I just don't like something else being in control of my routine.

Which is why I always ask for decaf unless I'm feeling under the weather with flu-type symptoms and then caffeine becomes my best, most cozy friend. If you love sugar laden coffee, don't miss this D'Volada and maybe I'll see you there.

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