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Cotija and Wine

Love me some cheese and wine.

I drink the cheap stuff, so don't expect any great wine references here. You'll have to visit my beautiful and talented friend, Ringo Firefly for the premium wine and cheese recommendations, along with incredible stories and quips:

Good wine - defined by Ringo Firefly

My mother-in-law laughs at me because I drink Padre Kino, which is basically the cooking wine equivalent in Mexico. It's probably as good as Two Buck Chuck and costs about the same after currency conversions. No matter, it's smooth and the red is a little dry, just perfect for cooking or sipping while creating your next feast.

I mean, if you're required to feed your kids and slave away in the kitchen, at least try to enjoy it and relax a little. Pour yourself a glass of wine....nibble a little cheese, break into the green olives. Those are kitchen privileges!

My favorite local cheese, and I've told my husband this several times now, is Cotija.

It's a hard, crumbly cheese that you can find at local markets here in Tijuana (our favorite: Mikky's of course). In the states, they sell another cheese sometimes called Cotija but it really tastes more like a mild Queso Fresco with a lot less water content. You have to come here for the good stuff.

I don't prefer to celebrate Valentine's Day, and rather choose to show my love all year long. But if you are going to get me something anyway, here goes.

Last year, I told Juan what I wanted so many times that he finally decided I was joking. I was trying to make it easy for him and feed him the hints all year but it backfired.

I told his friends, if you insist on getting something for Valentines Day, a slice of salty Cotija would be divine.

He didn't believe me - he bought flowers instead. They were beautiful for a week and then withered and rotted.

My love, my dearest husband. I'm not asking for a foot massage, flowers or fancy jewelry. I'm a foodie! A five dollar chunk of stinky cheese will suit me just fine.

I'm not complaining at all! I am so lucky to have someone in my life who will stand by me through everything - he has stuck with me through the shit, poor guy.

So why doesn't he believe me when I say I only want Cotija? He knows I'm crazy and I don't really believe in Hallmark holidays like this one, but if you are going to buy me something anyway...skip the flowers.

Slice me some Cotija and a little glass of wine - it's better than chocolate, I'm telling you.

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