life by lb

A Short Walk

I step into the bright bright sun.

Stronger than the breeze that hits swiftly, along its way from the shore to midland where it rests and falls.

Looking forward to my toes in the sand, just 4 short blocks and a downhill slope to the rusted, painted, rusted, painted, rusted, paint peeled, rusted staircase.

Toes in the sand, icy Pacific water splashing my ankles, then my knees, then my thighs.

Sun sets slow, waves crash hard. Pulling, pushing, revolving, returning.

The Summertime
The Summertime Rolls

Chilled, sandy and beat up from the surf. Pack up trash, shoes and discarded clothing. Leave only memories and footprints, buttprints in the sand. They will be gone tomorrow, the memory a swift distance behind work, family, life, chores, family, life, work, work, chores, family, life work, lifeworkfamilychores.

Summer. Time. Rolls.

Summertime rolls and rolls and rolls and quiets during the cold...until a song,

played again after years of quiet, rolls it back again.

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