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Tangerine Mojitos

( Let me preface by saying, this post is healthy. Healthy because moderation is good, healthy because letting go of anger is even better. )

I've only tried Mojitos once in my life and just never got into them. Maybe I've never acquired a taste for rum and I'm just lacking any sophisticated palette at all. That's to be debated.

Laylita's Recipes
I do love a good citrus drink though!

Mimosas, Cadillac Margaritas with Grand Marnier, Micheladas with a heavy squeeze of lime, and maybe now these.

If I can get over the rum taste...I really should press on for the team. It's a good way to use up that huge bottle of rum gathering dust in my liquor cabinet.

I'd throw a party if I actually had friends I could invite. You see, all of my friends are so different, so eccentric, so wildly adventurous that my parties always end up a tad boring.

Yep - I'm a mom of three boys, and who wants to stop the party at 9:00 when I decide to go to sleep?


Don't be a hater, I start work each day at 5:00! I can't stay up past 9:00 unless I have a midday nap!

So I don't have "parties" they are "dinners" or "coffee" or "brunch" or "Sunday afternoons" because who doesn't love Mimosas with breakfast or a refreshing Michelada with an ice cold beer after cleaning up behind 4 boys and a dog all week?

So you might ask why do I write about anger issues, when I sound pretty happy writing about getting drunk (or at least light-headed after my two and no more than two drinks)?

I have anger issues around some of my "friends" who never call, even after they tease, "let's go to coffee soon!" Possibly because I suck, possibly because they suck, or possibly life has just gotten in the way.

That's life and it happens, and so maybe this quote is timely in that I should let go of some of that unforgiving bashing and remember:

"Anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else;
you are the one getting burned."
-- Buddha --

And to that, I'll try a little rum with a splash of orange juice - Cheers!

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