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Beans & Rice

You want a good delicious, fresh and easy meal for less than $ 5.00?

No....I only prefer the more expensive kind with fresh mozzarella, the finest olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar or a delicious straight out of the ocean Mariscocos (recipe to follow) with Baja shrimp that might as well still be swimming.

But if you have to eat cheap (and healthy) and are feeling a bit lazy, try cooking your own beans (sans preservatives) and then use them for rice bowls, Tostadas or Molletes later.

If you buy beans in Tijuana (or really anywhere I suppose, although I've never bought them in the U.S.), make sure you look for rocks when you are cleaning them. Can you find the rock in this picture? Dirt and rocks never taste great and could really damage a tooth so it is worth a quick 5-minute check:

Where's the Rock?

Pinto or Black Beans (1 lb):

We always cook these fresh because we are bean snobs and I prefer no preservatives as much as I am able. We don't soak beans overnight to retain the flavor.

Cook until soft (for us this takes 1.5 hours) and then salt to taste (about 1/8-1/4 cup)

Simple White Rice: 

  • Garlic Salt
  • Parsley
  • Butter
  • Chicken Broth
  • 1:3 water to rice ratio (or as preferred - I'm not a self-proclaimed rice expert :)

Condiments (Optional):

The beans and rice are pretty boring as is (but a great choice for only $5 to feed a family of 5). If you have the luxury, add any of the following to liven up the mix and make it outstanding enough for a king:
  • Slices of Avocado
  • Cotija Cheese: (or other really smelly hard crumbly cheese like Parmesan or Feta)
  • Sour Cream / Crema (We prefer the Mexican brands since they are more mellow and not as sour but you could also use cream fraiche)
  • Onion Ceviche: (Great for nibbling on between bites of beans & rice - even the kids will eat it!): sliced onions + sliced jalapenos + squeeze of lime + pinch of salt 
  • Fresh Tortillas: We love Mikky's tortillas and Cotija << the best in all of Playas! >> map

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