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10 Things to Do While Waiting at the San Ysidro Border

Luckily, the San Ysidro border wait has not been horrible lately. Construction has lessoned the impact a bit and my crossing times have stayed somewhat consistent 30 minutes to an hour in the normal lane, sometimes less than 15 minutes on a good day!

Forget about the Ready Lane, it takes an extra 10-15 to to drive there from Playas so it rarely makes a difference. Sentri Lanes are only for the privileged people who have husbands that carry valid visas. I'm not bitter, anymore.

Now that construction is entering a more efficient phase, your wait in the normal line is bearable, but just in case:

Here are 10 things to do with your family while waiting:

1. Listen to a YouTube playlist created by yours truly and sing Uptown Funk with all the windows down.

2. Collect Plastic Surgery phone numbers for future reference (haha, you know I would never do this, but if I did, I'm in the best place to get it done!)

3. Buy souvenirs from the locals - don't be a typical gringo and try to steal or lowball the vendors. They have to eat too. Consider it a donation to a very thankful family and pay them a fair price.

photo credit: Romel Jacinto

4. Enjoy fresh fruit. Our favorites are mango with chili, cucumber or watermelon. Always delicious and refreshing when the sun is strong.

5. Order coffee, yogurt or ice cream and they'll deliver to your car. You can request a delicious Mexican Mocha by calling D'Volada from Mexico: 664-973-12-54

6. Schedule your dental work for your return visit. Personal recommendation is Dr. Criss - tell her our mutual friend Dominik sent you.

7. Turn off the AC and save your engine from overheating, if you can bear the perfect San Diego weather.

8. Order Tostilocos - A delicious salty, savory, Mexican street food. Keep calm if you splatter hot sauce on your clothes, or don't wear white if you have anger issues.

9. Order burritos from any vendor waiting to serve you and skip eating lunch in San Diego - cheaper and you can eat on the run while you're shopping! If you get stuck in line at Ross, who cares? I gotta burrito in my pocket.

10. Bring plastic bags and containers: Save your trash and then tip one of the locals to take the trash for you. Help us set an example by keeping Tijuana clean!

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